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5 Reasons Why Theatre Performances Still Matter

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Ballet Show, Theater Events, Theatre Performances |

People nowadays have everything instantly. Books, movies, relationships, jobs and food – all of it is ready-made and you can have it in an instant. The hectic lives we lead are much a result of a technological and Internet evolution, but there are still a few things in life which offer real and engaging experiences. One such thing in life is definitely going to the theatre. While some people might think that theatre is dated, old-fashioned and that numerous other forms of fun and entertainment are much more appealing – theatre persists and continues to exist!

Why? – you might wonder, why would theatre still matter? Well, here are five reasons why theatre matters in the acting world and why it will definitely continue to matter in the future.

  1. Theatre Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Unlike a social network, or a game, or a technological device, or the latest fad, the latest trend – theatre will never go out of fashion. Going to the theatre provides a whole different experience for both people who are in the audience, as well as actors. This unique experience is what makes it so valuable, and why people will continue to cherish it.

  1. Movie Roles Are Easier After It

If you are an actor you might realize that movie roles are much different theatre roles. In the theatre you have to provide the experience, you have to stay in the role for the entire play, and there is no room to mistakes. If you make a mistake, you have to be competent enough to continue because show must go on. Movie roles might sound a lot easier, since you do have the commodity to retake each scene until you get it perfect.

  1. Interaction With The Audience

Artists cherish interaction with the audience and this is something that it is best done in a theatre. Not only that you will get this instant feedback, but you will also be immersed in emotion and the situation. The interaction with the audience is so refreshing that a lot of actors choose to do theatre even though it is less endorsing than many movie roles.

4. Theatre Shows Are Always Different And Unique

Each show, each play, is different and unique experience. Partly it’s because unlike will be a theatre play hasn’t been set in stone. Certainly, you have the script that you should stick to, but you will also have a variety of people in the play pool will behave differently on different occasions, will act differently. Situations will be constantly changing, therefore you will give different performance each time. Some of it has to do with the audience too. Since the audience is always changing, the feedback will not be always the same. This could stimulate the actors to give a different performance depending on the feedback that they get from the audience.

  1. It’s A Real Joy To Participate

Being in a theatre show is the real joy both for people who make it, as well as for people watch it, mostly because it’s one of the most raw and amazing experiences that you can have. It’s also very immediate, personal and a real human experience, unlike many other things in this contemporary high-tech culture.